Writing about mental health, serious illness—and food

I've written dozens of articles and essays about mental health issues and dealing with serious illness. Credits include "Crazy?," an essay on treating mental illness for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. I also wrote a piece called "Mindfulness for the Military: First, Don't Call it Mindfulness" for a weekly newsletter on social work.

I wrote a chapter on self-care for This is Not the End: Conversations on Borderline Personality Disorder. This collection of stories, essays, and  interviews explores what a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis looks like—from the inside. Currently, I am working on a project about recovering from childhood trauma.

I present strategies for dealing with life's seemingly insurmountable problems in my blog, The Therapist of Last Resort.

I have written several essays in the memoir vein, including  "S'mores and Secrets" about summer camp and "Strangers Among Us" about testing the bounds of Jewish tradition.

On a lighter note, I am writing a Southern Jewish cookbook called Out of Momma's and Rosa's Kitchen. See my food page for details.


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