Where Jewish noshing and
Southern cooking collide

Cooking, writing and social work, are the three areas in which I focus my professional energies.

However, when I got my first Cuisinart, Robert, my then partner, told me I should become a caterer. My first job was a give-away. I created a party for a couple who won my services through an auction at KQED-TV (the PBS Station in San Francisco).

For the next five years I devoted myself to training at the San Francisco City College Restaurant Management program and through a variety of classes taught by well-known San Francisco chefs. During that time, I was also catering holiday parties and successful business deals for law firms and individuals in San Francisco.

With the foundation of my Southern roots and the joy of creating meals for private clients, I find experimenting in the kitchen an effective release of the pressures of my non-cooking labors. The joy I get describing and providing beautiful and nutritious meals is the foundation for the cookbook influenced by my dietary roots: growing up in a Jewish family in South Carolina.

This guide to Southern Jewish food, Out of Momma's and Rosa's Kitchen, is the result of my most enduring culinary experiences in my mother's and the housekeeper Rosa's kitchen.

Feel free to contact me with questions about Southern Jewish cooking. I look forward to answering your queries. In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy my article/recipe called Accidental Soup.


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